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My favorite brown contacts are the o lens chuing in choco. They give you the smallest enlargement but the brown color.

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I could have saved 10 years worth of money if i d gotten it done.

Contacts lenses reddit. Also with a strong prescription the eyeglasses lenses can have some interesting visual distortion. But there are also day night lenses that you just wear for a month without having to take them out or week lenses that you need to submerge in salt water each night. I need to do this with mine at least.

Go to an optometrist with an email copy of your prescription and tell them an airline lost your luggage and you desperately need new contacts but want the cheapest option. Regular tinted lenses no matter how good the brand overall are completely translucent spheres of color you can see through. I went through a colored contacts phase i m high school and college and with my dark brown eyes what i needed were the ones that specified opaque.

With some contact lenses it s a good idea to take them out for an hour in the evening and just wear your glasses. When i looked them over he had 2 degrees of thinning at 65 years old. The first set he really didn t like.

When this part doesn t get enough oxygen bad things happen which could make you go blind. They re so light they don t change dark colored eyes much. Contact lenses can be made of different materials some don t let enough oxygen through so you need to take them off so your eye can recover.

I strongly prefer contact lenses. My favorite is by o lens in the color russian silver. To make things even better my eyes could only tolerate daily lenses which made things even more expensive.

I have full peripheral vision rather than frames around a clear section of my vision and a blurred area in the periphery. If you want cheap contact lenses optometrists typically have a stock pile of demo lenses for new patients. He s gone through two sets of lenses and is frustrated with what he feels is an incorrectable issue with progressives and the optometrist not listening to his issues more than likely dad being stubborn and unable to convey his issues.

So i ve been wanting to try out colored lenses for a long time now like costume type lenses. Their russian velvet line is also really nice and all the lenses look really natural. I have really dry eyes so i only buy dailies.

Additionally contacts never fog up with temperature changes or get rain spots on them. I ve looked at camo eyes optyk rosmus uniqso but i don t know how safe any of these. I already have a perscription but i just don t know where to get lenses from.

Off topic but do consider a lasik procedure. My prk cost 4 500 so it ll have paid for itself in 4 5 years. I used to spend about 100 month for lenses and solution.

Between 150 for optometrist visit every year a couple hundred in lenses and solution the time spent gouging your eyes every morning and evening glasses for when you aren t wearing contacts etc it can become very cost effective to get the procedure done. Posted by 3 hours ago. They have a huge selection of contacts.

Before that i was wearing contacts for 15 years. Contact lenses can stop oxygen from reaching the clear part of your eye where light comes in.

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