Different Types Of Clouds Anchor Chart

2 7 km 7 000 23 000 ft low clouds. Duplicatus du more than one layer at different levels.

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Different types of clouds anchor chart. Here s a list of some of the most common cloud types you might spot in the sky. Surface 2 km surface 7 000 ft clouds with vertical growth. Due to cold tropospheric temperatures at these levels the clouds primarily are composed of ice crystals and often appear thin streaky and white although a low sun angle e g near sunset can create an array of color on the clouds.

The varieties are grouped and named based upon transparency and the arrangement of cloud elements like so. Lacunosus la thin cloud with regularly spaced holes net like. Saved by sarah price priceless ponderings.

High clouds 16 500 45 000 feet cirrus. Intortus in irregular or tangled. Clouds that form in unique ways and are not grouped by height.

Below is a cloud identification chart that we ve designed as a learning resource to help you better identify and classify clouds. But all clouds look a little bit different from one another and sometimes these differences can help us predict a change in the weather. 5 13 km 16 000 43 000 ft.

High level clouds occur above about 20 000 feet and are given the prefix cirro. Surface 13 km surface 43 000 ft clouds that grow up instead of spreading out across the sky. Types of clouds anchor chart.

Anchor charts classroom weather clouds science teaching school class room schools. It s a one sheet infographic intended to be used to learn about not only the ten main cloud types but help you visualize different cloud species varieties features and accessories that can be attributed to each cloud type on one page. The three main types of high clouds are cirrus.

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