Ikea Death Star Lamp Template

Ikea ps 2014 death star lamp. You can follow a tutorial she made here or here.

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Death star laser weapon template download she s provided a scanned template of the laser in 3 versions.

Ikea death star lamp template. First off was dismantling the light fitting and spray painting all of the tiles a grey colour. Basically it involves buying an ikea ps 2014 pendant lamp then masking and painting it to look like the death star the lamp already expands like that with the pull of its string. But you may still be able to use it as a starting point for a template.

I used a can of light grey spray paint from. I took inspiration from around the web and took the bits i liked the most to make my variant. A timelaps video on how to make a death star from a ikea lamp.

This project was floating around the internet for a while and i was always faszinated by the death star idea with my boyfriend moving in and the new space caused by a larger flat the possibility was there and i took it since i haven t found an in. This is the exploding death star lamp modded from an ikea ps 2014 pendant lamp by instructable user mariak64. Being an engineer myself i could not resist adding remote control to this manually expandable lamp i saw at ikea no matter the cost.

We decided to get the biggest ikea lamp in copper white. Remote controlled ikea death star lamp. The template was drawn by hand so it was hard to get a clear scan.

First step of course is to buy an ikea ps 2014 lamp and a can of spray paint. I made this death star from a plain ikea lamp and you can do it too. Using spray paint and masking tape lylelo created a very convincing death star design by first painting the lamp a light grey applying the masking tape once dry painting over the lamp while the tape was still applied and then removing the tape to reveal the light color beneath.

In this project i ve replaced the pull string with m3 threaded rod and dc motor added a micro controller to drive. I have seen a few different ikea ps 2014 conversions to the death star and wanted to have a go myself for my son s room. This is my first youtube video and if i hit more then 100 views and likes then i ll try to ma.

It is supposed to hang over the bed in our slightly star wars themed bedroom so why get small. Brighten up any room with ikea s range of fun colorful and practical options including solvinden decorative and solar powered pendant lamps.

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