Neon Stripe Lampeye Killifish

This small fish is very peaceful and ideal for both beginners and experts alike plus it is an excellent addition to the planted aquarium. Norman s lampeye killifish.

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Slim and long body dorsal fin at.

Neon stripe lampeye killifish. 3cm 4cm 1 18 inches 1 57 inches. Killifish are some of the most beautiful amazingly brilliantly colored fish you can keep in an aquarium. Below the green stripe.

The norman s lampeye killifish is a small peaceful member of killifish. Lampeye killifish aplocheilichthys kingii it is commonly found in central africa. They come in a wide range of types of killifish with a wide range of physical characteristics too so you can choose from a huge number of fish with a lot of different colors and body types.

Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus wild origin. Thus the above mentioned species will help you select the best killifish for. The average life span of an aquarium lampeye killifish is 3 years.

I am really enjoying these littl. Neon striped lampeye killifish. The green neon or yellow neon rasbora.

Neon stripe lampeye killifish scientific name. While many killifish are kept in pairs the large finned lampeye killifish seems to thrive and show the best coloration in groups. Its lampeye name refers to the horizontal crescent at the top of its eye that seems to glow under the aquarium light.

At first glance they may not appear to be a worthwhile candidate for your aquarium as they need to be displayed properly. Ph 6 0 7 5 gh 3 10 kh 1 5 tds 50 200 temperature 23 26c or 73 79f. The neon stripe lampeye killifish aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus is a peaceful fish whose small size makes it absolutely perfect for the nano or planted aquarium.

Their distinctive stripe can either be blue or green depending on the lighting and how the light reflects from the fish which gives them an added level of interest. Neon stripe lampeye killifish care. Although killifishes are like the orchids of the aquarium world thus knowing about all the species is impossible.

Appearance wise all the killifish species have almost same body shape i e. Also other fish species will eat most of the fry of the neon stripe lampeye killifish when it is spawning so other tankmate species are not recommended if dedicated breeding and rearing of fry is desired. The lampeye killifish aplocheilichthys kingii is a small species reaching only about 1 1 2 inches 3 5 cm in length.

This is relatively small species and the fish grows till 1 1 5 inches in length.

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