Origami Lampshade Patterns

It took me a few tries before mastering it so don t give up. The diy origami lampshade is quite simple in the end it is all about getting the folds exactly right.

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If you do the folding in right order and precisely using 160 gsm paper the lamp starts to form while folding.

Origami lampshade patterns. It helps if you score the lines first using a blunt tool like a bone folder or even an old pen. You can use any colour paper that suits you but it needs to be a certain thickness. Watch the video to learn how.

Extra large round paper lampshades look like a million bucks. The second most important thing to consider when making an origami lampshade is the paper you use. Astro enthusiasts can have.

Diy lighting with origami i have used origami techniques to create a diy lighting using paper. You can opt for florals if its spring round the corner. Origami folded paper lampshade instructions.

I have also added the svg file which has the pattern that depicts all the mountain and valley folds. Huge paper globe lampshade idea. You can score the lines first for ease and precision.

First download our free origami lampshade template and take a look at where you need to fold. Fold the vertical lines first black and then fold the first set of diagonal lines pink and then the second set of diagonal lines aqua. You need to always fold the paper in on itself so that the right side is always facing out.

Origami folded paper lampshade. Paper globe lampshade idea. Origami paper lamp shade.

Working with an a4 piece of card concertina fold the parallel straight lines they should be approximately 1cm apart. Between 160 200gsm is ideal as it will be thin enough to fold neatly but thick enough to hold its shape. Exotic paper flower lampshade.

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